Manchester based Cassia reminds me of: Tipling Rock, CRUISR, and a bit of Vampire Weekend. Their recent album Replica is solid.

New new track coming out tomorrow.

Turned onto this album by a friend because of Rostam's (from Vampire Weekend and Discovery) work on the production.

Found this a long time ago but recently started recycling it in my regular queue. It is very good.

Happy New Year y'all. And happy Friday.

New Kaytra days are good days.

Worth playing on repeat, even if only for the drop at 1:30.

Spotify link


Been on a bit of a drought music-wise. This is bringing me out of it (Spotify link).

Digging this whole album (Spotify link).

Stoked to see new music from these kids after their amazing EP last year.


Can't get enough of this song by Austin, TX based Bronze Whale (Spotify link).

Some seriously funky bass in this track.

Pretty sure I hate myself for liking this but I like this a lot and I'm gonna keep listening ok cool thanks haha



A very Friday feeling release from NYC based The Knocks, this time in collaboration with Foster the People.


New music from the apparent side project (or rebrand? or new band?) of NYC based Jack and Eliza. Have been a big fan of these peoples for the past few years, excited to see new music from them finally.

Currently on repeat (Spotify link). Apparently these guys are from NYC and Berlin.

Don't know much about this artist except that I'm digging this track (Spotify link).

Something slightly different but quite nice: "Epiphany" (Spotify link) from London based James Vickery. A year old but brand new to me so woo yay.

Hi here's a TGIF mix on a Tuesday. Happy Tuesday I guess.

Solid mix from 12 TRACKS TAPE, this time from Fabich + Young Franco.

Can't find anything else from Cautious Clay that approaches the quality of his track "Cold War," but even still I can't get enough of it at the moment so thought I'd share.


Been on a Touch Sensitive kick since getting drinks with an old friend who shares my enthusiasm for the disco infused sounds that the Sydney based DJ brings to the scene.


French DJ Myd's short EP All Inclusive cropped up on my Spotify this week, and after a bit of research, I'm not surprised to find out why I love his sounds so much. To start, he released this EP on Ed Banger records, which features the likes of Justice and Breakbot, two of my longtime favorites. Myd also doubles as part of Club Cheval, whose album Discipline last year monopolized my playlists for nearly a month. Hoping to see more solo work from Myd in the future.

This track off Yumi Zouma's latest album (Spotify link) is good. The album is good. Thy are from New Zealand. That is all.

Brooklyn based Von Sell's track Names really caught my attention this morning, really enjoying his entire album as well (Spotify link). Excited to see more in the months ahead.

No time to write but I'm loving this song rn (Spotify link).

Low key disco mix from LA based Air Zaïre.

Love the creativity and originality that Bipolar Sunshine brings to his tracks. Hoping an album is soon to follow this release.

I've been a Cut Copy fan since before I can remember. Their earlier albums like Bright Like Neon Love (2004) and In Ghost Colours (2008) pulled me into the neo-80's electronic scene like no other group, and today's release of Haiku From Zero, their first album in over three years, reminds me why I fell in love with them in the first place. My only complaint is that the album isn't longer. Happy Friday also.

Turned onto Philadelphia based Work Drugs' latest album Flaunt The Imperfection (Spotify link) by my latest Discover Weekly and thoroughly enjoying it. Sounds like: Carousel, Van She, Tape Waves, Beach Fossils.

Seattle based ODESZA's brand new album A Moment Apart is pretty damn great (Spotify link).

Montreal based KAYTRANADA released a little set of tracks last week for fun, which is pretty neat. My favorite below.

The entire EP (Spotify link) from this UK based group Litany is awesome. "Bedroom" below is a standout that initially drew me in.

I first got wind of Gavin Turek for her featured role in Tuxedo: a funky collaboration project between LA based singer Mayer Hawthorne and Seattle based producer Jake One. 

My friend passed their Tiny Desk Concert along and I got into a Tuxedo tick for a few weeks before exploring more of their individual tracks outside of the group. Today I find myself back in their funky headspace after discovering Turek's smooth track "Don't Fight It."


Working hard to refrain from blasting this sweet new track from Sydney based Touch Sensitive in the office. I guess my headphones will do for now.

This latest release from ZHU has been on repeat for me all morning. Signs of more to come soon? Let's hope so, given the quality of his last album in July of last year.

A bit more low key than my typical posts, but there's a strangely melancholic optimism about this track that drew me in and has me playing it on repeat this week.

This funky duo from Aussies Anna Lunoe and Flume somehow escaped my radar until now (edit: it's five years old lol), but now I can't get enough of it.

Stumbled upon Boston based Tipling Rock this afternoon, and have been enjoying the light summer vibes they bring with their latest track Staring. Sounds like: CRUISR, Arctic Monkeys, Her's.

Kinda obnoxiously EDM, but I kinda like it. Will probably get sick of it in a few days...but for now, it's on repeat.

More great tunes from Pabels, this time mixed for Caveman Sound. Currently on mix in the office. Happy Friday!

Heard this in a mixtape not too long ago but couldn't track it down. Finally popped up in my feed this afternoon.

New single in advance of Toro y Moi's forthcoming new album, due out early July. Currently on repeat in my world.

Slick new set of tracks from Vancouver based Pat Lok.

Stumbled upon this set of eclectic mixtapes from Buenos Aires based PABELS this week and have been thoroughly enjoying them.

This past Saturday, it was really nice out. I went for a walk. I put on these mixtapes. I spent five hours without talking to anyone, lounging in the grass of the Presidio with a t-shirt on. It was nice.

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